Who is Miss Angela?

I’m a wildly enthusiastic independent mother of two awesome kids, living in a wine and food world.  My world is something like Hansel and Gretel’s, a sort of fairy tale, wonderland, called the Central Coast of California.  I am enthused by neighboring chef’s good cooking and have an affinity for hand-crafted locally produced wines.  It’s a passion; an affair.  And I am fully involved.  And the abundance of farm fresh produce, flowers, and beauty is insane.  It truly is a magical place.  The only thing missing are a unicorns.  There are however miniature horses.

I love to love… but I have never been ‘lucky’ in love.  At times, I am grateful to have experienced it, other times, I curse its existence.  Now isn’t that what it’s all about?  I read once that we are fools if we love only once, it means we were afraid.  Love between two people is like a snowflake, never the same, and always unique.   So, let it snow, let the pain settle in my bones and let me love again.  I am not afraid of snowflakes.

I can be a confused, random, mess of a person at times.  So what?  Aren’t we all?

I plan for this little feed of text to be read and digested.  I hope that I can inspire the most rational and irrational of thinkers.  I hope that I make sense or nonsense, so long as it makes some sort of sense.  And I must now apologize for being unapologetic in my writing.  I want close family and friends to know that this is a simple form of expression for me, and I plan to use this little tool to clear my head.  You may see a bright side and a dark side… this is my last apology.



2 Responses to Who is Miss Angela?

  1. Ryan Simonson says:

    Happiness is elusive, even when the praise is effusive
    Get this want that, get that want more
    Doesn’t have to be money, power or fame
    The higher we climb up that ladder
    Always gonna be more rungs just the same.

    love your blog, Ang! I started one a while back, and fought against that little shit of a blinking cursor, staring me in the face, daring me to write something that would warrant a “submit.” The cursor won.

    For now.



  2. Jared says:

    Being happy is to be yourself without compromise and I feel that is what you do. Life is about choices, have no regrets and never give up!! You are hillarious in your blogs and your honesty! That is what I love about you. Never settle!!

    A quote I try to live by:
    “The fear is not setting the goal or expectation too high and failing to achieve it,
    but that we set it too low and do”

    Not the exact wording and don’t remember who said it, but the message stuck.


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