So a couple of weeks ago I went to the local bar alone and ordered a drink.  My advice to women, even those that have common sense or a “macho” attitude, is to never go to a bar alone.  Ever.  To keep this short, I was drugged.  I had an exprience where my body went limp, and I couldn’t even form words or open my eyes for a long period of time.  The strange thing was that I was acutly aware of my surroundings and if I had not been rescued I would have more than likely been raped and suffered through remembering it but not have been able to stop it.  Not even fight back because my body was too week.  So this is more of a reminder to all of the women out there… remember that you are a target most of the time,  trust no one and be careful.


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2 Responses to Roofied

  1. Remy says:

    Thats awful! Sorry to hear and glad you had a friend to rescue you!

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