I remember the first time I texted someone back.  🙂

I remember fighting it for so long.  I didn’t understand why people found it an effective means of communication.  I am still waiting to understand.  The world kept texting and I admit, I gave in – a little.  I do however find myself analyzing these supposed time-saving messages for way too long.  For instance, I got a text message from a friend that I hadn’t heard from in months that read: “Hey Angela, what’s up?”  I stared at it for a good thirty seconds trying to figure out how to respond?  Do I type out my life’s plan?  Do I say exactly what I am doing right then and there like a direct tweet?  Do I simply reply “nothing much” or would that be offensive?  How will my response come across?  I felt my mind become, unsafe.  I set the phone down and went about my business without any intention of texting back.  I just didn’t care enough to put any more thought into it but it still lurked there in the back of my mind pushing its way forward… so I walked over to my phone and called the texter.  We talked for a few minutes which in my opinion was effective.  Apparently she wanted to know if I would go with her to a party and I informed her that I couldn’t.   While we spoke there was no time to analyze the words coming out of our mouths to the extent that we do when texting.   There is no guessing what the words mean or how we are supposed to interpret the tone, because we speak more effectively than we text. 

Texting is a serious malfunction within our society.  Children are becoming dependant on it and parents don’t enforce restrictions which only contributes to the disorder. 

Don’t believe me?  Well, let my daughter tell you.  At 13, she recently admitted to me (after getting caught stealing and using my backup cell phone) that she is addicted to texting.  She went WAYYYYY over the limit and by the time I caught it the bill was well over $1,000  ($523 month one and $1,110 month two).  In one months time she texted 12,223 times.  That is roughly 30 texts an hour every hour for a 24 hour period.  And she isn’t that popular.  You might be wondering where I was?  I was right there… waking her up for school and sending her off… she was curling her hair and texting her friends with the door shut.  She insisted on walking to the bus stop, I didn’t think anything of it.  She was a walking texter too.  She went straight to her room after school “to do her homework and escape her little brother”, meanwhile I was elsewhere in the house, feeling sorry for myself.  I thought that she was doing the unsocial, distant teenage thing and in a way she was, hiding in her room texting, cutting off her loved ones for the uncertain affection of her friends.  Then one night she came to me and said, “Mom, I don’t want you to tuck me in anymore.”  It was a sweet offer from her but also crushing.  My little girl was growing up.  Or not.  The bill revealed that she was texting until as late as 3am. 

Addicted, yes.  Well spoken, no.  My daughter until recently has always progressed normally in school.  During the month and a half that she was texting her spelling and grammar became significantly worse.  Always getting A’s in English she dwindled down to a C.  When I asked her to spell texting she wrote: txting.  That was enough evidence for me. 

I have shared this story with other parents and many have replied… why don’t you just get unlimited texting (to avoid the bill issue) and I adamantly respond – no.  I am not giving in.  I am not endorsing such a waste of time nor contributing to the social problems that are on the rise.  We call texting a form of communication, but it is not.  It is a pathetic way for people to reach out and feed their egos.  That is all it is.  So, next time you feel the need to text non important information, instead walk on over to the mirror and admire yourself, or better yet find something productive to do.   If the information is important, just pick up the phone and save our world.

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  1. Angela says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more

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