Two Steps Back


Trouble is that                     when you love,

you give without hes               itation: Everything.

But when that love is blind, it can at times be, incomplete.

The revocation in moving backwards can hurt, quite absurdly,

but the forward motion is going nowhere; it’s only idling,

and if you want to move, if you don’t want to stay still,

 basking in uncertainty, well then, backwards is,

the only way, to find what you hope,

 is destiny.


What I am trying to say here is that I am, or was, ready for love; Ready to be loved, and so extremely ready to give it.  I already was giving it.  But the man I was giving my love so freely to, was not ready for me.  A common tale I am certain.  And I must remember that this beautiful gift of emotion should not sit quieted away in my heart or closed up in the corners of my mind, it needs to pulse freely through my veins and be received with open arms. Therefore, leaving him was my only option.  There must still be a man out there, waiting also to find me, a man with an ache in his heart, and a constant beating in his chest that answers to mine.

Black by Pearl Jam  (“I know you’ll be a sun, in someone else’s sky, but why? Why can’t it be mine?”)

Cold Desert by Kings of Leon

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