Txting Part 2 – Dating Etiquette

Preface: So, for those who know me, you many know that I am NO relationship expert, in any way – BUT I know what I like and I definitely know what I don’t like and I think that I can offer some good advice regarding this subject…

Txting – Dating Etiquette

I would think that texting, or not texting, would be common sense when it comes to various aspects of getting to know each other.  Granted, sweet little “I’m thinking of you” reminders, clever inside jokes and random thoughts are allowable texts when you are in a relationship, however certain rules must be followed, at least if you are trying to date someone you want to keep around for awhile, because an inappropriate text can be the demise of the courtship.

I will post one rule a week, these rules apply to both men and woman but I will direct most of my instructions toward  men, because they are the ones I am lucky enough to deal with (yes, that was sarcasm).  Please at least try to follow these rules so you don’t contribute to ruining man/woman communications altogether.  Comments are welcome!  Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings 😉


Rule # 1 – The first time. 

If you are lucky enough to score my phone number, well you better be man enough to call me.  Enough said.  If it works out and fifty years later we are sitting around the fireplace telling the grandkids how we met, it is unlikely that the story will be: “Well Gracie and John, it was so romantic, he text me out of the blue on day asking me “what’s up”…”

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2 Responses to Txting Part 2 – Dating Etiquette

  1. Hi Angelna,

    I’m digging your blog. I’m afraid I broke some of these rules with a total hottie I think I could easily be in love with. It’s the kind of love where I am so enamored of her I just want everything to be perfect when we finally do go out. At this point, we have tried four times and we both keep putting it off for one reason or another, all legit. So, I suppose I will first and foremost apologize for the texts, but I only did them becuase I think she wanted some privacy from a possible existing boyfriend.

    Keep up the good blogs.

  2. PS – I just realized I butchered your name. Sorry.

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