Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 2

Rule #2 – Expressing your current state of mind

Texting (as I have pointed out before) is often misconstrued and the meaning or tone is lost.  Men and woman already have a hard enough time figuring each other out so texting can really hinder a relationships progress and often will lead to a misinterpreted notion causing a relationship to become unsteady or even fail. 

Emoticons, the little symbols that show how you feel 🙂 are ok to use now and then (just not excessively please) but short cryptic phrases on personal emotion are NOT.  Imagine getting a text in the middle of the day from your new girl/guy, the same one that gave you a long slow kiss goodnight the night before, that read, “I’m kind of bummed today”.  What is the first thing that you think of?  For me, it would be concern followed by disgust (well, hey, that is just me).  Disgust that this person is projecting their foul mood on me, and what is worse is that it is a short message that doesn’t tell me why he or she is mad and does not specify if I have anything to do with it, not to mention if a guys said, “I’m sad/bummed/down”, I would think he was gay.  This sort of self-expression is really just another way of egotistical purging from one person onto another, and nobody wants to be purged on, right?  If you want to talk about how you are feeling get a therapist or at least wait until you can discuss it with more than a few phrases.  Don’t try to have this conversation via texting… If you absolutely have to do this, try being a little more concise, like,  “I’m bummed today because I know I won’t get to see you again until next week”.  That is acceptable 🙂

Here is a little translation of what various male incoming texts mean to me:

I’m sad/happy/bored etc. = I’m lame and need attention

What’s up = Can we hang out?  I need to get laid

What are you doing tonight = Is there any chance at all?  I’m really eager!

I miss you = I am hoping that when I am ready for you, you are ready for me

How’s your day = I’m actually thinking about you

I hope you feel better = I hope you feel better

Do you need anything = I am not selfish and I just want to make you happy

Dinner? = Smart.  Food makes me happy.  What is the old saying?

Just saw/heard something that reminded me of you = I miss you (only very personal 😉

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2 Responses to Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 2

  1. Kady says:

    Love your text translations! I actually like texts because they let you think before you “speak”…a lot of guys don’t think before they speak. However, I agree that calls are good for the first few dates. How do you feel about emails?

    • Angela says:

      Thanks for reading Kady 🙂 Totally understand the think before you speak, yes, that is great – except for me because I tend to over-analyze the meaning (as you can see in my interpretations). Should I just take it for what it is? Emails are fun… they allow you to be a little more elaborate and you know that when someone takes the time to type up an email you usually have their full attention. You can ask a girl for a date in a quick text message in the middle of a meeting but you certainly can’t type up an entire email.

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