Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 3

Rule # 3 – Be careful with sarcasm

Honestly, humor is good but overly sarcastic people are annoying.  It is like being married to the funny guy jerk.  Everything is a joke and you are usually the brunt of his self amusement.  Especially at serious times, there is no real anchoring of what is really happening, what the conversation is truly about, because the funny guy jerk is too busy slipping in sarcasm.  My advice, keep your girl out of it.

Example: Me: “What time are you picking me up?” Funny Guy Jerk: ”Um, never” Ok, that is wrong in so many ways. (Hey funny guy, you’d better follow that immediately with the true time, a ‘ha ha’, ‘J/K’, ‘:)’ , and a ‘sorry I was totally kidding’ to save yourself.  Yes, sarcasm can be fun, just be careful who you are joking with, and how much of it is or might be interpreted as rude.

On the other hand, really dry humor can be completely amusing.  Once when I was on a plane from Portland to Eugene the flight attendant went over the rules monotonously, his face and voice never-changing, so when he slipped in his sarcastic “Because of the extremely likelihood of us crashing into water on this flight, this is how you put on your flotation device”, my brother and I were rolling in our seats meanwhile most people just missed the whole show not hearing the punchline.

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3 Responses to Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 3

  1. Agatha82 says:

    Oh dear, the flight attendant was funny, though I am PETRIFIED of flying so I would have died of fright but I do like a good sense of humour

  2. bobell says:

    My favorite was the deadpan attendant on a flight from SB to Vegas who said “If you are traveling with small children, or adults acting like small children, please put on your mask first before assisting them.” She never cracked a smile, but you could see it in her eyes.

    • Angela says:

      Ha ha! That’s great! I suppose flight attendants must have to entertain themselves while still giving good service 😉

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