Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 6

Rule #6 – Sexting

I just learned this word.  Let me see if I can define it: Texting in a sexual or flirtatious manner.  Ok, so, flirting is good, in fact flirting is fantastic and healthy!  It makes a girl feel needed, desired, sexy and helps with intimacy-  but as with all texting rules, keep these few things in mind:

1) You better live up to the written word; don’t  text all the things you want to do to a woman then never follow through.  Like Nike says, “Just do it!”

2) Don’t go overboard and turn into a creep.  Watch your language, remember, we are still ladies and someone’s daughter.  We deserve to be treated as such.

3) Include compliments now and then, don’t be a selfish sexter just to fulfill your perversions.

4) NEVER ask for a naked picture.  You’re not going to get it.  But you might get the boot.   Us gals don’t like to be added to a collection of naked girl pictures for you to reference whenever you wanna rub one out.

And once again, bear in mind that a woman flirts sextually because she wants to feel desired, or wants to make you feel desired but NOT because  each of your incoming vibrations help with her fantasies.

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