Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 7

Rule #7 – Never Cliffhang a Girl

If you have something important to say call.  If you have some random thought go ahead, text but know when to stop and say ‘goodbye’ or ‘ttyl8r’ if that is more your style but never, ever, ever, leave a girl hanging.

Let me tell you how upsetting it is to text, back and forth, until the height of a conversation, then wait for a response to your last response… and a few minutes go by, then a few more, and a few more, then an hour and another.  Let me just forewarn you, you are in trouble.  You are in so much trouble that no woman in a ten-mile radius is going to come near you because they just got a text from your girl, who is now your ex, talking about how you left her sitting, wondering, waiting.

An example of cliffhanger texting:

10pm him: “Are you still up?”

10:01pm me: “yep.  come over?”

10:02pm him: “out with the guys, let me see if we are leaving soon”

10:15pm me: “?”

(Insert radio silence here, ongoing until 12pm the next day)

Translation = Ya just fucked up.  Never, ever, ever, leave a woman hanging.

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1 Response to Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 7

  1. So I’m guessing that you don’t believe in the whole, “Absence makes heart grow fonder” cliche? Haha.

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