Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 11

Rule # 11 – Digging your own grave

Have you ever waited for someone to get back to your last text and found yourself  “re-texting” him or her?  Me too.  But there comes a point when you have to be rational and realize that the person you may have been having a text conversation with is busy.   Don’t ever let your emotions get the best of you, and DON”T take it to the extreme.  If I cliffhang you, there is good reason, I swear.

If you freak out due to cliffhanging you are more than likely just insecure and maybe you should pick up a self help book titled “loving me”, complete the excersizes (which are probably similar to those in the twelve step program) and start seeing a therapist.  Wait, have I gone too far?  Assuming that if someone reacts irrationally to NOT hearing from someone they are crazy?  Let me show you how I can prove this:

Him: Sushi? (3pm)

Her: yes! Where? (3:02pm)

(insert radio silence)

Her: ? (3:15pm)

Her: Seriously? (3:30pm)

Her: WTF?!!! (3:45pm)

Her: That’s it!  I hate you!  You are an inconsiderate asshole.  We are DONE! (3:50pm)

Him: Whoa!  Calm down!  My boss called me in to a meeting.  (And he is now saying “uh-oh” what kind of whacked out chick is this?!  I’d better make my break for it)  But, since you brought it up, I think it is a good idea that we take a break.

Do you see how you can come off as psychotic?  Or better yet a raging bitch?!  Yeah, Cindy Lauper, you pretty much just did that whole self-destruction thing called “showing your true colors” and that fella that was asking you to dinner, probably won’t want your company after all, ever.

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1 Response to Txting – Dating Etiquette Rule 11

  1. Hahaha. That’s the first time I heard of the word “cliffhanging” used in this context. Brilliant!

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