Tasting Room Rant

Wine tasting is an excellent way to learn about wines, and have the opportunity to try them before you buy them.  Agree?  So why is it that so many faux paux are made when customers come in to taste, and whose fault is it- really?  Should the staff be trained for all situations and inform people the moment they walk in to the place how they are to behave and the proper etiquette that should be used when wine tasting?  Or, should the person – the unique individual that decided they wanted to try wine tasting, the ‘genius’ that was enamored by the intrigue of it all, be held accountable?  I suppose that doesn’t matter… so let’s instead focus on the problems, and the solutions.  Take a flight with your favorite wine gal and let me tell you my pet peeve’s as a tasting room consultant.

I’ll be posting some general rules of thumb for tasters once a week on Wednesdays, to both entertain and educate you for the next few weeks… I encourage you to share this blog with newbies and enjoy!



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