Tasting Room Rant – What I Do

What I Do:

I suppose that I should clear away any misconceptions of my job:  I don’t “just hang out and drink wine all day”.  I hear this, all the time, and it is a common misconception that I want to clear up right away.  Tasting room employees must wear many hats; we don’t have departments, usually just a tasting room, a back office, and a production facility.  Here is what we do on a daily basis:

  • update our website, twitter and facebook pages with news, events and new products
  • process orders and club runs
  • prepare and expedite  shipments
  • track inventory
  • call and email people that didn’t pick up their shipments in the time we gave them
  • same for the customers that didn’t give us a good credit card (did you just call me a collector?)
  • coordinate and work winery events (from catering to time-line, scheduling and entertainment)
  • ensure compliance with state laws (which are ever-changing)
  • create marketing campaigns and e-newsletters
  • work with distributors to reach new markets
  • design and order merchandise
  • maintain tasting room appearance
  • (most importantly) customer service
  • …. am I boring you yet, because it keeps going…

So, you see, we don’t have the luxury of hanging out and drinking wine all day.  In fact, we can be so busy that at times that the job can be overwhelming.  Overwhelming, because when a customer comes in we are being taken away from some other important task- but, fear not, we know how to switch from one work mode and transgress effortlessly into a wine expert, and friend, here for you, to give you the best tasting experience of your life.  So, please, bear this in mind the next time you come in to taste… we LOVE to be called to duty, to help you!  We LOVE to be OUT THERE in the tasting room, we do.  We just want you to know that there is also a lot going on behind the scenes too, and we are involved and VERY productive.

Thanks for reading; until next week – cheers!


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2 Responses to Tasting Room Rant – What I Do

  1. Tara says:

    Well written and insightful :>)

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