Tasting Room Rant – Q and A


Q and A

Do-  ask questions.  And, it’s ok if we don’t have the answer for you.  Most people who have the courage to stand behind a bar and pour wine typically know a thing or two about it so please fire away!  We want you to walk away feeling like your questions were answered, and you found what you were looking for.

Don’t- be particular.  Don’t ask how many ppm of SO2 were added at crush and what strain of yeast was used to inoculate the wine, or which specific cooper we use… those are things only the winemaker will know, and only if he/she refers to his notebook.  In all honesty, we really don’t feel like answering that.  You are being obnoxious.

More next week!



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1 Response to Tasting Room Rant – Q and A

  1. Mark Hutchenreuther says:

    I agree on the SO2, like who cares? Other than, we have to add it or suffer the consequences. I also tend to agree on the cooperage issue, which is different from which type of oak and toast you use (which do add nuances).

    Although even I don’t really care about the yeast, it does have an effect. When Dan Kleck innoculated my Mourvedre back in 2003, we had three small fermentation bins of it and he used three different yeasts. There were very distinct differences, with one of them really bringing out the fruit more than the other two. I forget which yeasts he used, but based on that I *might* select a particular yeast in the future.

    But, the bottom line is that this sort of thing belongs in the detailed winemakers tasting notes, like those I find at a number of wineries. It’s not something you and the other tasting room people NEED to know, you can just pull out the notebook for the obnoxiously curious.

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