Tasting Room Rant – Tipping

Do tip your pourer!  They not only served you, but they explained the wine each wine in detail and kept you company throughout your entire tasting experience; don’t you think they earned it?  How much?  Well, that is up to you, a standard tip is generally a couple of bucks. – Thanks!

Don’t give pourers tips like: “you should go to college!” – Ok, so here is something that really gets on my nerves… and I might have to blog this separately later.  But just because we work in a tasting room, doesn’t mean that we don’t know jack shit.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t have some other source of income.  It doesn’t mean that we aren’t educated.   Get what I am saying?  Stop being condescending and presumptuous.

Hope you have a happy holiday this week and if you are out wine tasting remember to be safe!



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2 Responses to Tasting Room Rant – Tipping

  1. Aaron Johnson says:

    Totally agree, however, I have two suggestions to this rant. One, tasting rooms should have a place on the credit card print out for a tip (like a restaurant). I ran out of cash last time and jipped Jeanine! Second, I have been to a couple tasting rooms (that remain nameless) where I got less than mediocre service, brief information, no smile, and than a sales pitch on wine membership because at the end I bought some bottles. I feel as though they didn’t take me seriously, because I was younger at the time. Still bitter towards that pourer today and have not re-visited since. My point being, friendly service=totally tipping, un-friendly service=better luck next time. Conscilience and Tre Anelli I must say have a stellar staff.

    • Angela says:

      So glad that you pointed out the sad-but-true, un-obligated pourer that does just that, pours and nothing else, no smiles, no friendly service. Name them! Let’s bash them to the ground – he he, jk. I have had a few bad days myself. Next time your not vibing with your pourer, challenge them to give you good service; you might just get what you want. 😉 And (clears throat) thank you, very much, for the kind compliment darlin’. xoxo!


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