Tasting Room Rant – Your Mouth

Do spit!  It will save your taste buds 🙂  Bring your own spit cup if you are grossed out by using a public one.

Don’t tell me when to stop pouring or ask for more – you need an ounce.  It is the proper amount of wine to be used to evaluate it.  You need enough to be able to swirl it about and get it up on the sides of the glass, and enough to take at least two mouth-fulls of for proper evaluation. Generally your mouth can easily hold a half ounce at a time, and a taste is an ounce.

Don’t chew gum while tasting (it will affect the outcome of your wine tasting experience). 😉

And please, don’t throw your gum/crackers/trash in the spittoon.  We have to fish that out later.

Have a great week!


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