Tasting Room Rant – Interaction

Do- interact with your pourer.  Introduce yourself, if you’d like to, tell us where you are from and what you do or do not know about wine and/or what you are looking for or hope to accomplish by wine tasting.  Help us get to know your palate so that we can find the right wine for you.

Don’t – leave it up to them to make your experience amazing if you have nothing to offer.  As with most things, streets are usually two-way.

From this side of the bar:  It is rude when you are too involved in your own conversations with each other to listen to what we have to say about the wines you are trying.  And shooting us those sideways looks when we do talk about the wine, makes us feel like we are jerks for interrupting your conversation.  Take your party to a bar and talk over a  glass of wine there.  Don’t come to a tasting room.  Same rule applies to cell phone users – don’t talk on your cell phone throughout your tasting, hang up!

Until next week – keep drinkin’


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