Tasting Room Etiquette – Awkward

Hello from WineLand,

This week I’d like to talk about awkward situations in the tasting room that can be easily avoided:

PDA – If you are madly in love (lucky you), and find yourself pulled by the magnetic forces of love, wanting to make out with your sweetheart, please – don’t shape-shift into a porn star at the bar; I know wine tasting may evolve into form of liquid-courage but be respectful of the other people around you.  Keep your petting and kissing light.

Pregnant Women – This is just wrong; you shouldn’t be ‘wine tasting’.  I don’t want to serve you.  I don’t feel that it is morally right. Is it legal?  Can someone else answer this one for me? I suggest you wait those nine months until little baby Wino is born until you hit the tasting rooms again.

Staring – Isn’t that your girlfriend? – Hey, it is flattering and all that you are intrigued by your wine server, thanks, but don’t be obnoxious and stare me down, especially in front of your girlfriend!  You are disrespecting your girl – NOT COOL!  You are there to share an experience with her, remember?  Stare at her.



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1 Response to Tasting Room Etiquette – Awkward

  1. Mark Hutchenreuther says:

    I love it. I’ve seen it all. The one thing you may have wanted to include would be the people (generally women, but sometimes men) who dress in such a way that CAUSES people to stare at them.

    One day at Palmina, a woman claiming to be a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader showed everyone her tattoos and a few of her old moves. Why, yes, as a matter of fact she was drunk. The expression on her male companion’s face was priceless.

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