Tasting Room Rant – Industry Faux Paux

I shouldn’t even have to type this one up… if you are reading this and it applies to you… SHAME ON YOU!  Like the signs they hold up outside big corporations SHAME ON YOU!  Here are some things that really get under my skin:

  • walk in an announce – do you do anything for industry?  Then fail to show a card.
  • end of day / Saturday (there-is-no-room-for-you-and-your-friends-to-taste-for-free) industry
  • large group industry who are loud, obnoxious and need I say – intoxicated
  • buy nothing, tip nothing

These things are just not cool.  Don’t assume that you are entitled to do these things if you are industry.

To all other industry friends who come in and taste using manners and imparting reciprocity, THANK YOU!

Thanks for paying attention to my rant this week.


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