Tasting Room Rant – Ah Ah Ah, Have Patience!

Don’t pour your own – Ever go to a bar and reach across, grab the tequila, and start making your own margarita?  Well, then, why would you ever think that you can help yourself to the wine on the counter at a tasting room?  I have had to reprimand customers for pouring their own wine… warn them that I will have to ask them to leave if they try it again.  So do refrain.

MEMO- The best days to go wine tasting are during the week. You will get one on one attention with the wine pouring consultant and we can take the time to educate you.

Have Patience – Realize that tasting rooms might be really busy – say, on a Saturday afternoon, when there are a twenty tasters for every employee… yeah, it isn’t that we are under-staffed, it is that everyone decides to come out on the same day.  But remember – you are out to have a nice relaxing time learning about wine, right?  So have some patience… don’t do the following:

  • stare us down, and
  • tap your glass on the counter like we are some sleazy pit stop,
  • make up nick-names for us without our consent – like “hey wine lady”,
  • or say “can I get the next one?” I know you need it, I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m just helping these other 19 customers too, so wait your turn, I’ll get to you.

Love you all!  I do, I do!


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