Tasting Room Rant – Swirl, Smell, Sip!

Forgive me, I should have mentioned this a long time ago, before I began barraging you with my particulars, my pet-peeves, yes, I should have taught you!  My apologies! I’d like to explain, for the newbies, how to taste wine.  For this purpose, I will use pretty generic terminology:

  1. Swirl – you do this to release the aromas that come from the wine that you are tasting.  It also gives you a good idea of the body of the wine. As you watch the wine settle back in the glass you will see legs or tears on the side of the glass – these are indications of sugar content – the thicker the legs the thicker the texture (yes, wine has texture). Wine will typically be sweeter if it has really thick legs and dryer if it has thin legs.
  2. Smell – stick your nose in it – don’t be shy, get it in there!  HINT– leave your mouth slightly open when breathing in.  You smell with both your nose and your mouth… think of when you are sick and you can’t taste your food.  The nose and the moth work together in both smell and taste, so just do as I say, and open your mouth a little when you are smelling.  🙂
  3. Sip – or gurgle.  I like to slurp.   First draw wine into your mouth and let it sit there and roll over your tongue, all over it.  Then try drawing some air in while you have the wine in your mouth, it, again, releases more flavors over your palate – notice how it might change.  Then either spit or swallow but pay attention to what happens in your mouth after you have done so.  How long does it stay with you?  Is the finish abrupt or does it go on and on?  Yes a good sip of wine can be like a good orgasm.  Read on…

Ok – enough education.  I would like to mention ONE little thing that is totally inappropriate in the tasting room – wearing perfume!

It may be your signature essence, or the occasion may seem appropriate but I assure you, it is not.  You don’t want to stink up (Pepe Le Pew) a tasting room with your scent, so please for this one occasion remember that we are here to smell the wine.  It is hard to do that when we have overpowering lavender or vanilla reeking up the room.

Thanks for reading!


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