Dream Journal – Sail

I had a thought concerning my dreams.  Concerning my life.  Wondering why my brain was nearly dead for a year or more and now is suddenly alive again.  No change in my habits other than the daily dose of olive oil.  But my dreams are running deep.  They are another life, and they are sending me messages that I am unsure how to interpret.  But I feel there are definitely messages, signs and symbols hidden within them.  I hope I can decode them.   Last night my dream was quite strange and imaginative, sort of an Alice in Wonderland (Cheshire Cat and all) experience; enjoy:

(Click below for the dreams theme song…it was playing throughout my dream)

Sail by Awolnation

‘This is how I show my love.
I made it in my mind because
I blame it on my ADD baby.

This is how an angel cries
Blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my ADD baby


Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself
Blame it on my ADD baby

Maybe I’m a different breed
Maybe I’m not listening
So blame it on my ADD baby

la la la la la, oh’


I’m aboard a boat with crew of novices.  Girls mainly.  They are heaving and hoeing like old time pirates, bringing up the heavy anchor.  One red-headed girl almost gets crushed by the weight of the giant chain and I stand by and watch in my corner.  The neighboring heaver helps rescue her from the massive steel entangled in seaweed as it rises up, making it’s dark, clanking sound.

Once it is lifted from the ocean floor we start to move.  The force of the wind installs a fervent speed that adds a certain fear to my mood.  My friend is the captain and other friend is the co-captain.  For some reason I don’t really trust their judgment.  I think I’d make a better captain.  I have more sailing experience.  I try to tell them about the time that I was sailing in conditions similar to these, with all that wind behind me and how it took 5 days to get back after only going out for a couple of hours.  They simply laughed; carelessly.  I grew more and more concerned.  It seems like we are sailing for a long, long time.

The waters were dark around us as we set sail into the abyss

Finally, we arrived at an island where we depart and walked about.  I find an ancient wine cellar and climb my way to the top of the walls of wine boxes and pick out a bottle of wine.  Then look down and wonder how I will get back down.  Then I feel the pain in my arms and wonder how I will hold myself up.  It’s high and perilous.  I’m tired, too tired to be afraid of the fall.  I decide to shimmy down as far as I could then let myself drop.  I imagine that the landing won’t hurt too bad.  I think of my knees, hoping they won’t hurt much more than they already do.  I didn’t care.  I felt careless.  This place made me feel that way.  So I let myself fall.  I land with my bottle of wine and continued on.

Everything began to expose itself as a magical encounter.  Men, woman and creatures spawned like exceptional sights upon my desert, tropical island that I was, at the moment, walking alone. These creatures bore masks made of fruit and one in particular was cut out of a giant olive.  His eyes peering through it, at me, but through me.  It was as if these creatures couldn’t see me.  It was as if I were dead.

Then I came upon my friends who I shared my bottle of wine with.  It was quite good.  We commented on it, some Chateau (something with an M in it and red on the label -I’d know if I saw it) blah blah from France.  It was fruity but didn’t start off that way… kind of dry and gritty really restrained but it opened up and you could tell there was Grenache in it.  It was really good.

The one on the right is the bottle I heisted… Grenache!

Funny huh?  Then I looked up in the sky and low and behold there was a Cheshire cat, purple and all smiling down at me – and I thought ‘well that is all I need!’

I wished the world, the real world were as laid back as this world.  I wished that in the back of my mind I wasn’t worried about getting to work on time, because I was.  I still had an uneasy feeling about where I was and who I was keeping company with.  Something wasn’t right.  Then another friend of mine (Laurie) showed up.   She was there with someone else who seemed to have witnessed the two of us as we shared a night out once.  This person had our receipts from that night and on the receipts there was a purchase that we had made: magic.  Yes, we bought magic.  Well – duh!  the woman also goes on to explain that while Laurie was asleep earlier she took a voice recording of her mumbling.  Mostly it was incoherent but twice she blatantly said ‘YOU!’.

The End.

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1 Response to Dream Journal – Sail

  1. Paulie says:

    crazy dream…I was late to work too :/

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