Less is more

Everyone should get some of what I’ve got.  I believe you can make room for happiness in your life by eliminating the clutter. A friend recently told me ‘the man who has nothing, has everything.’  Maybe that’s true, maybe not.  What are your thoughts?  I have found that wanting less, needing less and really on an emotional level more so than a materialistic level (hey I love to live large) is where the joy is found.  Here is what I have lessened in my life:

    Work – well duh, work less!  It is great 🙂  We find ourselves trying to do what we love, then what we love becomes a burden and we resent it in the end.  If you can find balance – good for you!  If you are like me, you will try to take on more than you can chew and run yourself into the ground.  Be careful.  I finally quit working for anyone but myself – don’t know how long I can get away with it but I am happier than ever and working my own (reasonable) hours.

    Clean house – I moved recently and I left all my belongings except for a suitcase, my pillow, blanket, kids and dog.  I realized that I don’t need all the things I thought I needed before.  The lightness in itself is overwhelmingly refreshing!  One sweater, two pairs of jeans, two t-shirts, one pair of boots… and a bottle of vodka.  I don’t have 30 towels anymore.  I have 3. I don’t have 15 candles (ok I still have 5 or so…), but I don’t have junk!  I am not collecting.  I am shedding.  It’s cathartic.  And as soon as I see trash or a mess begin to take shape I clean it up.  Don’t let it accumulate.  Junk and messes and disorganization and greatly affect my state of calm… try being organized if your grumpy!

    Get rid of bad people – some of us are sentimental.  Yep. That’s me.  I want to believe in everyone.  I carry hope for them.  I have faith that they will pull through.  I don’t deny a friendship and I want love more than anything so you can imagine how difficult it can be for me to give up on someone.  Here is what I have learned (more than once now…) – some people don’t deserve you.  Some people are bad.  Some people don’t care about what is best for you.  Some people don’t care if they hurt you.  These people don’t deserve your sentimental attitude, your belief, your hope, your faith or your love. When you feel yourself compromising your beliefs, it is time to say goodbye.  

    Love – I love to love.  I do!  Who doesn’t.  But I know that when I feel like I am falling in love I shape-shift into a monster.  The confident, fun, exciting, sweet person I can be disappears and a scared, angry, uncertain person takes her place.  I am not swearing off love by what I am about to say, I am simply saying that love is not for me right now, or the perfect person has not entered my life just yet.  I don’t want love.  I feel better without it.  I feel mentally clearheaded.  I feel in possession of myself.  I feel relieved.  I have mental freedom.  Praise God.

    Go on a diet – eliminate something.  Challenge yourself.  I’ve always been pretty good about my nutrition but recently I cut the gluten out of my diet.  People ask why?  Do you have an allergy?  Nope.  Sorry – I am unqualified to eat gluten free, but truth is my sister-in-law inspired me.  I’ve sat next to her for various meals and watched the self-control she has (she does have an allergy) and really admire her for staying true to her diet.  I thought, well, I don’t need to eat processed wheat anyway, why not cut it out?  It has really been more of a change in my way of thinking on a daily basis.  Every single time I eat, I care about what I am putting in my body.  There must be some subconscious improvement of self-esteem happening when you care about yourself that much, right? 

    Technology – go live on a mountain for a year.  Now live on a mountain and try to run two businesses without good cell service or wifi.  Pretend the mountain has great cell service and wifi… who cares, you are still on a mountain and who wants to be in front of a computer when your at God’s doorstep?  I know, I am on a computer right now… I can’t eliminate it.  Yet.  But someday… maybe.  Technology is supposed to make things easier for us but what I hear constantly is that we are all tied up because of it.  The technology is invading our lives.  It is a rat-race we all feel obligated to stay on top of.  But a revolution is coming.  More and more people I know are getting rid of smart phones and going back to the old flip phone.  Simplify if you can.  

There are a ton more things you can do to create more happiness in your life through elimination.  Do you have some suggestions?

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2 Responses to Less is more

  1. ThePhilosophers'Lounge says:

    I can understand the compromises you make here, but I’m going to have to agree with your friend more. Life is full of variety and things to do, but more satisfying than these is the ability to be. “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

  2. sage_brush says:

    Less stuff leaves room for more prayer. 🙂

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