Tasting Room Rant – Attire

So, I am calling myself out on this one – I do this, when I have been drinking, suddenly, my sunglasses are my safe-haven (hence the picture of me this time).  Yes, it is true, I hide behind my shades – but it isn’t proper, so do as I say in this instance, and not as I do – and DON’T leave your sunglasses on when you come into a tasting room.  It is okay if you are tasting outside, and sunglasses are actually needed – but if that is not the case, don’t walk in like Tom Cruise and try to hold my hand with your glasses on and tell me about your hollywood life.  I’ve heard it a thousand times and I am not impressed.

And one more tip – don’t wear white or your favorite light pink Kashmir sweater – save that for Church on Sunday.   You are tasting red wine, swirling it about in your glass, and it is a possibility that you might swirl it all over yourself.

That’s all for this week,



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